Social entrepreneurship - the world's remedy


About the research 

Social businesses like ‘Face to Face’, ‘Mama Organa’, ‘Younited’, and many others work on societal issues like poverty, pollution, and exclusion, ultimately improving the well-being of their communities, instead of focusing on profit. "Yet, societal enterprises face many challenges. They are often unrecognized, unsupported, and undervalued", says Stefan Chichevaliev (VUB). He is investigating how the current business environment affects the day-to-day operation of social enterprises. His goal is to identify what is needed to help these enterprises meet these challenges, to the benefit of the most vulnerable.

Stefan Chichevaliev

Stefan Chichevaliev is a doctor in business administrations postdoctoral researcher at VUB, and executive director at the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory, with more than a decade of experience in the private, public, and civil sectors. Demonstrated results in working in and with the think-tank industry, financial partners, and governmental institutions, and a solid track record of published research, analyses, and publications in social and sustainable entrepreneurship. Committed to building bridges between science and practice. Developer of partnerships and an advocate for social entrepreneurship and attainment of SDGs.

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