Is the solution to obesity in the stool?


About the research

As many as 1 in 3 children struggle with being overweight. The solution seems simple: eat healthier and exercise. "Yet we find that this standard approach makes little difference in the long term," says Kimberly De Windt (UGent). The key to helping these children may well lie in ... their stool 💩



Kimberly De Windt

Fueled by her fascination with human sciences, Kimberly De Windt pursued Pharmaceutical Sciences. During her pharmacy internship, honours programme, and even her yearly ski trips, she recognized the challenges in managing childhood weight. Does "bad" parenting solely cause this trend? The answer isn't straightforward, as obesity is a complex, multifactorial chronic disease. In her Ph.D., she is determined to enhance weight management by identifying personal disease drivers, and she is even willing to embrace the distinct aroma that comes along with it.