A stroke in the picture


About the research

During a stroke, every second counts to save as many brain cells as possible. Intervention is only possible within a narrow time window of a few hours because late treatment can lead to serious complications. Is there nothing more we can do for such 'late' patients? There is, says neurologist trainee Lauranne Scheldeman (KU Leuven-VIB / FWO). In her research, she is also trying to help these patients: "Even if they arrive too late, some of them will still benefit from treatment."

Lauranne Scheldeman
FWO - KU Leuven - VIB

Combining her neurology residency with a PhD in vascular neurology, Lauranne investigates magnetic resonance imaging brain scans from patients suffering acute ischemic stroke. Analyzing these brain images, Lauranne's aim is to unravel (part of) the acute ischemic stroke pathophysiology and to identify imaging characteristics that can guide clinicians to make better treatment decisions.

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