Tidal marshes unravelled


About the research 

Ever heard of tidal marshes? These are areas that are regularly flooded by the tide. They protect us from floods and ensure better water quality in our rivers. How does that work? Niels van Putte (UAntwerpen) tells you all about in this pitch! (Warning: this video is 'flooded' with faint puns).

Picture of the "Land van Saeftinghe" by Wouter Pattyn

Niels Van Putte
FWO - UAntwerpen

Since his first field visit to tidal marshes during his bachelor studies in biology, Niels was fascinated by the dynamic character of these ecosystems. In his master dissertation, Niels discovered that historical agricultural soil compaction altered soil properties in restored tidal marshes. During his PhD, he looks at this problem in more detail and investigates how these altered soil properties affect groundwater flow and water quality improvement.