Treating wastewater: how to remove microcontaminants?


About this research

Have you ever seen wastewater from a factory? This usually looks very clean, thanks to wastewater treatment. Yet it may still contain many traces of drugs, pesticides, or cleaning agents. These so-called microcontaminants end up in rivers and cause damage to the environment. In the lab, chemical engineer Sara Feijoo Moreira and her colleagues at KU Leuven developed a method that uses electrochemistry to remove these micropollutants from wastewater.

Sara Feijoo Moreira
KU Leuven

Sara is an enthusiastic Chemical Engineer with a passion for sustainability, technology, innovation, and design. In her PhD at KU Leuven, she is able to combine all four while investigating a new electrochemical treatment to eliminate micropollutants from wastewater, so that these toxic compounds are not released into the environment. Sara aims at developing a system that is not only effective but also self-sufficient, and therefore, environmentally-friendly.