Understanding how we convey information in different languages


About the research

Have you ever been stressed because you had to give a presentation? What if we told you that linguistic research could give you the key to becoming a better presenter in any language of the world? Linguist Charlotte Bourgoin (KU Leuven) studies the "information structure of speech" in different languages. Her research can help you better convey information and thus become a better presenter, both in your native language and in foreign languages.

Charlotte Bourgoin
KU Leuven

Charlotte has always been fascinated by foreign languages and how they compare to her mother tongue, French. Luckily for her, she found a way to turn this fascination into a career path by becoming a linguist. She is currently working as a doctoral researcher at KU Leuven and is especially interested in the crosslinguistic analysis of linguistic phenomena. Her PhD research focuses on how speakers package and share information in spoken English and French.

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