Will duckweed be on our menu soon?


About the research

In order to provide the growing world population with sufficient protein, Reindert Devlamynck (Universiteit Gent) focuses on duckweed. For the time being it is mainly on the menu of -you'll never guess- ducks 🦆. But Reindert wants to process this tasty plant into animal feed and put it on our plate. He is already setting a good example 🍽

Reindert Devlamynck

Reindert Devlamynck is a man of nature. So it should come as no surprise that he studied bio-engineering with a specialization in agriculture. After having sold trees for a short period of time, he started a doctorate. Half of his doctorate is conducted at the Research Centre for Agriculture - Inagro and the other half at Ghent University. As part of his PhD, he has been growing duckweed in a large pond for more than two years and is writing scientific articles on the subject. Recently his duckweed production is going very smoothly, so he is looking at the next step in his research: to see if duckweed can be turned into suitable food for fish, pigs and even humans. 

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