Are electric vehicles safe with new semiconductors? Let digital twins decide


About the research 

"As researchers, we are not lucky enough to have the budget to crash hundreds of vehicles to test a new technology." So how can researchers test whether a new technology, such as a tiny semiconductor, is safe to use in electric vehicles? For this, Sajib Chakraborty (VUB) developed a digital twin. A what? Watch the video to find out more. 

New materials
Sajib Chakraborty

"When I was in my childhood, I was astonished by how a company could provide a warranty for a product in advance? How did they know how long the product will continue?" It appears that Sajib Chakraborty is on the other side now since he got the opportunity to predict the lifetime of electronics components of an electric vehicle. He also tried to develop an estimation tool as accurately as possible, like the industry. But the difficulty was that he barely could get enough data to prepare an accurate estimation tool. So, he developed digital twins of a physical test model. These twins start to establish their estimation based on intelligence learning. By doing this, the digital twin’s model Sajib created is ready to provide a highly accurate lifetime estimation for electric vehicle electronics components. His twins also save colossal investment and time by avoiding time-consuming and costly crash tests that are required for lifetime estimation.

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