Bucharest: how to create an iconic image of the city?


About the research

The poetic image of a city is the one that has the deepest imprint on human consciousness, even more so than its actual history. Literature is able to construct images of cities from one period to another, but we remember and are fascinated by cities, even before we visit them - through photography. In the artistic research "Bucharest. The City with One Inhabitant. The City-Me", Alina Cristea (KU Leuven) aims to aims to juxtapose and confront the fields of literature and photography (archival photos) in order to understand how they contribute and influence the symbolic image of a city. This research is embedded in her practice of exploring Bucharest through analogue photography, sound recordings, and text, which will be presented as the work 'Bucharest.The City-Me' made of six fragments/short films.


Alina Cristea
KU Leuven

Alina Cristea is an artist-researcher working with photography and film, currently living and working in Brussels and in Bucharest. After having been living abroad in different cities in Belgium and in the Czech Republic, where she studied Photography and Cultural Studies, she became interested in her identity as a Romanian in Europe and in her hometown, Bucharest. This led to the doctoral research project entitled "Bucharest. The City with One Inhabitant. The City-Me", which combines photography, sound, and text.

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