How do we keep our forests cool?


About the research

Camille Meeussen (Ghent University) designs forest edges. Yes - you read that correctly: forest edges 🌳  Forests offer a lot of cooling on hot days because trees block the sun's rays. But the edge of a forest has a big impact on that cooling effect. Watch the video to find out more. 

Camille Meeussen

After Camille Meeussen graduated as a bioscience engineer in forest and nature management, her curiosity and eagerness to learn weren’t satisfied yet. Camille decided to start a PhD to learn more about how forests function and how we can protect them against global changes. She currently works on the ERC project FORMICA (Forest Microclimate Assessment) which focusses on the role and importance of the local forest climate or microclimate for the response of forest plants to climate change.

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