Human trafficking and the wellbeing of victims


About the research

"Human trafficking is, simply put, a trade in persons. People are the commodity and it's one of the fastest-growing forms of illegal trade in the world." Sarah Adeyinka focuses on the wellbeing of victims of human trafficking: what experiences did they have along the way? Where are they now? And how did they cope and still cope with these experiences of trauma? 

Sarah Adeyinka

One of Sarah's passions is to create awareness and sensitise people to the pains and/or injustice matters that they often overlook; to rightly address matters of injustice, no more sweeping them under the rug. Which is why she has been working with victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking for over a decade and is now conducting research on the same topic. She is a consultant on anti-trafficking issues, a cultural mediator, a writer, and in recent years, a researcher on human trafficking of Nigerian women.

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