Keeping it cool with 3D printing

About the research

About the research

Every machine, from your phone to rockets in space, heats up and needs to cool down. To keep your devices from overheating, heat exchangers and heat sinks play a crucial role in absorbing and dissipating excess heat. But how can we make these systems even better? Samanwitha Kolli (VITO - KU Leuven) is keeping it cool using 3D-printing technology! "Our goal is to create complex-shaped heat management devices that can outperform those made in the old-fashioned ways."

Samanwitha Kolli
KU Leuven - VITO

Meet Samanwitha Kolli, a passionate PhD researcher on a mission to keep gadgets cool. Tackling overheating in everything from laptops to rockets, Samanwitha uses extrusion-based 3D printing to design intricate heat sinks and exchangers. This method cuts down on resource waste and allows for complex shapes that maximize the efficiency of the devices. Imagine your laptop staying cool during a binge-watching session or the engine of your car remaining cool throughout your long cross-country drive — that's the future Samanwitha is working towards “innovative”, “super-efficient” and “sustainable” heat management devices promising to keep our tech cooler and more efficient.

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