Minimizing the impact of uncertainty in the electricity market


About the research

Did you know that the electricity generated today was traded yesterday by producers and retailers in the 'day-ahead' electricity market? ⚡️ 🤝 But what happens if we expect a windy day tomorrow 💨 but end up having much less wind, and thus less wind power, than anticipated?

To help the 'day-ahead' electricity market deal with this uncertainty in renewable energy sources, Lina Silva-Rodriguez (VITO - Utrecht University - Energyville) is using mathematical programming 👩🏽‍💻 Watch her explain how that works.

Lina Silva-Rodriguez

If there is one thing that can keep Lina Silva-Rodriguez awake at night is climate change. Passionate about nature, Lina, an electrical engineer by training, is dedicated to contributing through her Ph.D. research to a more sustainable energy system. A system that will fully meet our electricity needs without harming the environment or compromising future generations' well-being. Her main research interests are related to the evolution of the electricity markets toward future energy scenarios. Specifically, her work focuses on developing new short-term electricity market designs to accommodate the uncertainty of renewable energy sources.

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