Nanomaterials under the microscope


About the research

Meet Annelies De wael. In her Ph.D., she studied nanomaterials - materials so small that you need an incredibly powerful microscope to see them. And even then you only see a fraction of them. That is why Annelies worked on mathematical models and simulations to be able to see the entire nanomaterial based on the incomplete picture. And that can help researchers develop the most diverse applications: from a ketchup bottle that empties easily to solar panels that produce even more renewable energy!

New materials

Annelies De wael holds a Ph.D. in nanophysics and is the proud mother of Lars and Margot (yes, scientists are also human!). During her Ph.D., she developed a method to study the shape and size of tiny nanoparticles at the atomic level. During these years, she also discovered how wonderful it is to communicate about science to a broad audience! Nowadays, she works in science policy at the Flemish government, looking at the bigger scientific picture.

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