Ordering beads to revolutionize chemistry


About the research

A metal tube and microscopic beads. That's basically what you need to 'dissect' the molecules in any given sample, such as blood, yoghurt or medicines. Nathaniel Berneman (VUB) explains how this technique works and how he wants to improve this. 👨‍🔬

New materials
Nathaniel Berneman

Nathaniel spent much of his youth watching nature documentaries, analyzing the tiny critters living in his backyard and visiting the zoo of Antwerp. This set in motion a growing curiosity and fascination over the beauty and complexity of life and inspired him to study bioengineering sciences. During his current PhD research at the VUB he is helping to improve the most applied technique to analyze the molecular nature of the world we live in, called Liquid Chromatography. This will eventually help us understand complex biological systems, like cancer cells, faster and with greater precision then before, and provide the industry being pharmaceutical or food-related with a new powerful tool to analyze the products they are making.

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