Parasites, the most successful life form on earth


About the research 

Biologist Nikol Kmentová (UHasselt) is fascinated by ... parasites. Why? Because they are the most successful life form on earth. To find out what exactly makes them the true champions of life on Earth, Nikol tries to unravel the secrets of these fascinating creatures in the depths of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. In this video, she reveals the strategies that allow parasites to thrive in one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet!

Nikol Kmentová

During her academic journey, Nikol Kmentová gained respect for the often-neglected parasitic organisms and applied integrative approaches to correctly evaluate their interspecific boundaries. She has become particularly interested in both the macro- and microevolution of the parasite fauna worldwide studying their phenotypic plasticity and genome level diversity as a prerequisite for diversification and speciation.

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