Perovskite lasers can lead to exciting new applications


About the research

“Lasers are not just toys to entertain cats. Lasers are ubiquitous in many commercial, scientific, and medical applications. But there are even more fascinating innovations ahead of us ... if we can build even better lasers. That's what Iakov Goldberg (KU Leuven - Imec) is hoping to achieve. Can you believe that some of these novel perovskite lasers are assembled very similar to how you prepare your breakfast sandwich? 🥪 

New materials
Iakov Goldberg

Iakov Goldberg’s Ph.D. is aimed at pushing the limits of new emerging materials to achieve bright and energy-efficient light-emitting devices. Because it is so important to light up our lives! Iakov is passionate about applied science and engineering that address real-world problems. He believes that impactful research must involve people with diverse expertise who mastered the art of clear scientific communication!

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