Smart infrastructure will never stay out of tune


About the research

We've all seen images of spectacular collapses of large structures, such as the Morandi Bridge in Genoa. What if we could prevent the failure of structures such as bridges, dams, and wind turbines by ... listening to these structures? That's exactly what engineer Maximillian Weil (VUB) is working on. Listen to him talk about good vibrations.  

Maximillian Weil


A passion for mechanical engineering and renewable energy combined with a deep interest in programming and machine learning has led Maximillian Weil to take on the challenge of a PhD at OWI-LAB, VUB. Here, he aims at implementing machine learning solutions for structural health monitoring of large civil assets, such as bridges, dams and wind turbines. With both a degree in mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence, Maximillian is ideally equipped to tackle this problem. His research focuses on novelty detection in structural data through machine learning techniques that detect issues in the structure, just like a pianist hears false notes on a piano. The aim of his research is to optimize maintenance, guarantee safety and potentially extend the lifetime of all types of structures.

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