The teacher: a superhero for every child?'


About the research

Every classroom these days resembles a mosaic. A mix of children who differ in family situation, culture, and religion, but also in physical and mental abilities and in gender. As a teacher, how do you deal with diversity in the classroom? Many teachers feel inadequately trained in this area. Engaging in dialogue with pupils, parents, and colleagues helps to find together the most powerful solutions to these challenges. But how do you start? To get that process going, Marijke Wilssens and her colleagues at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences developed a box of conversation starters. How they work and where you can find them as a teacher is explained in this video. 

Marijke Wilssens

As a Master in Orthopedagogy, Marijke Wilssens has been working since 1998 to provide quality education to every child and young person, regardless of his or her social background, culture, religion, gender, physical or mental capabilities. In her research projects, she works together with schools and other educational partners to gear education optimally to the growing diversity in society. In recent years she has focused on how teachers and other educational professionals can be professionalised together around diversity and inclusion, and on the role of learning materials and support from a coach in that process. Marijke also gives several refresher courses to schools, support networks, and other organisations in the educational field. In this way, the insights from her research into diversity and inclusion seep through into lifelong learning processes and vice versa.

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