Undesirable migrants: should they stay or should they go?


About the research

If a criminal comes to your country and wants to stay: do you think your government should allow him to? Júlia Zomignani Barboza sheds some -legal- light on this matter. She proposes a balancing test that takes the rights of migrants as well as the national security into account when dealing with these situations.

​​​​​​​Júlia Zomignani Barboza

Arguing about everything since she was child, Júlia Zomignani Barboza studied law. With a passion to help those in need, she focused her career on human rights. After spending 3 years in Geneva, Júlia worked with asylum seekers and refugees in Bangkok and Sydney, which inspired her current PhD on undesirable but unreturnable migrants. Júlia’s research tries to find a solution to a special category of migrants that is frequently left in legal limbo.

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