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The pot of gold at the end of the decision

Marjolein Deryck (KU Leuven) build bridges between academia and industry. How? By translating the knowledge of experts into customized computer systems, so that companies, but also governments, can make decisions more efficiently.
KU Leuven

Indigenous languages: what do they tell us?

Did you know that there are about 7,000 languages in the world? And that more than 2,600 of these languages are in danger of extinction? With every language that disappears, we lose a unique part of the rich diversity that exists in human languages. That's why Dana Louagie studies Aboriginal languages.
KU Leuven

Understanding ageing to grow old ... and healthy

Modern medicine and living standards have allowed us to reach an older age. But one important question still remains: are these extra years also healthy years? Lucas Mergan hopes to find clues to an older & healthier life by studying a ... worm.
Van Der Gucht
KU Leuven

Retrain your pain

Pain is our body's alarm system. It warns us if there is something wrong with our body. Pain can therefore be very useful, but sometimes also very misleading...
KU Leuven

Making plastic out of wood

What if we could make plastic out of... Wood waste? This is already possible today, but unfortunately the technology to make such bioplastics is not yet fully developed. Tim Croes wants to help change that.
KU Leuven

Bypassing your stomach and intestine

After a stomach reduction and despite taking the pill suddenly become pregnant. It could happen just like that, because a stomach operation not only has an impact on the digestion of food, but also on the uptake of medicines, such as the contraceptive pill. That is why Nele Steenackers studies the digestion of patients after such an operation.
KU Leuven

How to make the invisible soil life visible?

Soil biodiversity in our European forests is in bad shape. By focusing on public awareness, Iris Vanermen wants to help keep our forests healthy, so that we and future generations can enjoy them for a long time to come.
KU Leuven

The cell cycle from a mathematical point of view

"Everything in the universe is made of math, including you" says the renowned cosmologist Max Tegmark. Jan Rombouts shares the same conviction: in his doctoral thesis he does not look at the cell cycle of living beings from the perspective of biology, but pours it into mathematical equations in order to gain a better understanding of the wondrous functioning of the cell.
KU Leuven

Is self-knowledge the beginning of all math nodes?

Elien Bellon tries to find out how we can help children calculate better without letting them repeat math tables over and over again. Does the solution come from Socrates, who states that "true knowledge is to know oneself"?
KU Leuven

How do you keep a secret?

Jan-Pieter D'Anvers keeps secrets. Your secrets. Think of your bank card code or your e-mails. He develops encryption algorithms to secure electronic communication and transactions.
KU Leuven

Active and healthy ageing: sleep on it

The older we get, the worse we usually sleep. Julie Vanderlinden (KU Leuven) is therefore investigating whether exercise has a positive effect on sleep and the health of the elderly.
KU Leuven

Finding the weak spot of breast cancer cells

Despite recent advances in breast cancer treatment, too many women still die once this cancer has spread throughout their body. That's why Matteo Rossi is looking to find weaknesses of breast cancer cells, in order to defeat them.