What is 'home' to older adults with a migration background?


About the research

Our ageing population is not only growing but is also becoming more diverse. Labour migrants who came to Belgium last century are part of today's ageing population. Most older adults prefer to live at home for as long as possible, but what is 'home' to older adults with a migration background? To explore this, PhD researcher Micheline Phlix (Uhasselt - VUB) conducted 45 interviews with older migrants. 

Micheline Phlix
UHasselt - VUB


Micheline is doing a PhD on the wellbeing, sense of home and housing of older adults with a migration background. She approaches this topic from a social and (interior) architectural perspective, which is supported by the two universities and research groups involved; Faculty or Architecture and Arts (UHasselt) & Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (VUB). 

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