Breathing during sleep: much more than in and out


Over het onderzoek

Snoring is very annoying in itself (especially for roommates), but sometimes there is more to it. In some people, the upper airway closes up to 15 times an hour during sleep. This condition has obstructive sleep apnoea. Sara Op de Beeck (UAntwerp - FWO) explains how she wants to use data to help patients get the best treatment, so that it can be quiet in their bedroom again. 😴

Sara Op de Beeck
FWO - UAntwerpen

Sara Op de Beeck (°1993) is a bioengineer with a PhD in medical sciences from the University of Antwerp. In her research, she works with doctors and biomedics to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnoea better and more efficiently. Sara is fascinated by the use of technology and data analysis in medicine and loves to bring that passion to the general public.

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