Can I give you my energy?


About the research

Nowadays you can sell overnight stays in your spare rooms and rides in your car. Then why can't you sell your unused (solar) energy to your neighbor? In her research Ariana Ramos proposes new rules that would enable you as a consumer to trade energy with other consumers. In this way we could all make use of renewable energy and take advantage of its cheaper price.

Ariana Ramos
KU Leuven - Vlerick

How can I, as an individual, contribute to a better environment? This is the question that drives Ariana Ramos' research. During her PhD at KU Leuven and Energyville, Ariana studied how user response can be of use to the power system. The aim of user response is to use more energy when solar and wind power are generating energy, and use less when they are not available. Now, as a Postdoc at Vlerick Business School, she continues to work towards enabling user response, and integrating energy storage, from a policy point of view.

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