The circle of food


About the research 

Our poo and pee are too precious to waste, according to Angelou Papangelou. The phosphorus in our excrement and in animal manure can serve as the food of our food and shouldn't go to waste. That's why Anastasia Papangelou is mapping the nutrient stocks and flows in the country, so that we can put our poo and pee to good use! 

Anastasia Papangelou
KU Leuven

Anastasia Papangelou an environmental engineer with a devotion to toilets and organic waste. She is currently writing up her PhD at KU Leuven on how nutrient flows connect Brussels to the rest of the country and the whole world. She also does improvisational theatre, she writes and tells stories, fights for our right to failure (@FUNKULeuven), and she has co-created a children’s book on sustainability and hope (@UponFuture), together with colleagues from the SUSPLACE project. Her biggest dream is to make the world a fairer and happier place and one day to become a clown.

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