Dismantle the brain tumour time bomb


About the research

If you get a glioblastoma, you usually only have about 15 months to live.. This malignant tumour spreads rapidly through the brain and unfortunately cannot be cured. Yanti De Visser (UGent - KU Leuven) is working on a personalised treatment to slow down the brain tumour already - with success. "Initial results show that our approach has the potential to extend patients' lives by years rather than months," she says.

Yanti De Visser
KU Leuven - UGent

"I will fight for you," Yanti told Pieter when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2020. She first joined his lab, which focuses on leukaemia research, in 2019 as part of her MSc dissertation to become a bioscience engineer. After completing a second MSc at the University of Oxford, she rejoined his lab in 2021 and started her PhD on glioblastoma research in collaboration with KULeuven. Together they fought for a solution. Although Pieter lost his courageous battle against this time bomb at the end of 2022, Yanti is determined to continue fighting for future patients.

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