DNA as the last resort to find the perpetrator


About the research
DNA is of paramount interest in solving murder cases. But what if a DNA sample found at the crime scene does not yield a match with suspects in the case or criminals known to the court? In her PhD, Sofie Claerhout (KU Leuven) looked for a new way to trace the perpetrator with that DNA. How? Through DNA-kinship analysis. She explains how this works in this video.

Sofie Claerhout
KU Leuven

Sofie Claerhout is highly fascinated by genetics, in love with genealogy and driven by a sense of justice. In 2016, Sofie started her PhD to examine the only chromosome she doesn’t have herself: the male Y-chromosome. WhY? To provide a last resort in solving forensic cold cases. With her research, Sofie was the first to be promoted to Doctor of Forensic Genetics in Belgium. Dr. Sofie is currently a postdoctoral researcher with her life quote being “Law gave us crime, science gave us forensics & research gave us hope”.

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