A dog's nose in your smartphone


About the research

A dog's nose is one of the most powerful sensors we have. Trained dogs are even able to detect early signs of certain diseases by sniffing our breath. As this would not be very practical, Alex Cruz (KU Leuven - VUB - Imec) is looking to integrate a doglike 'nose' in our smartphones, using so-called metal-organic-frameworks (MOF's). 

Alexander Cruz
imec - KU Leuven - VUB

Driven by curiosity in materials science and chemical engineering, Alex Cruz’ Ph.D. at KU Leuven in collaboration with VUB and imec, tackles the cross-fertilizing fields of porous materials chemistry and nanotechnology. In general, he is passionate about the translation of lab-based cutting-edge research to industrial-scale process technologies, unconfined by conventional subject boundaries.

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