Explaining faults by fusing artificial intelligence with expert knowledge


About the research 

So-called "smart devices" aren't always as smart as you might think. For example, your smart thermostat may indicate that it's suddenly unusually hot in your living room, but what would really make it smart is that it would also give the (possible) cause(s). In order to achieve this, Bram Steenwinckel (imec - Universiteit Gent) fuses artificial intelligence with the knowledge of experts. 

Bram Steenwinckel
imec - UGent

Influenced by the current AI hype, Bram discovered that knowledge is power to achieve a better understanding of what computers are doing. With a background in computer sciences, he started a PhD position at IDLab where he tries to combine expert information with AI to define what is going wrong in a system. By giving valuable info to those who have to solve these problems, Bram hopes more people will use AI in, e.g. the healthcare domain.

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