Fast and furious hearts: on a quest for a cure

About the research

About the research

One in 100 people suffer from a chronic heart condition. For example, their heart beats too fast even at rest, leaving these patients completely exhausted. Fortunately, surgery can help, but the procedure is risky and can lead to damage to the heart. To eliminate this risk, Rani Kronenberger (VUB) and her colleagues turn to 3D printing ... Find out more in the video!

Rani Kronenberger

Curiosity and a passion for merging technology with healthcare propelled Rani Kronenberger to pursue a Ph.D. in cardiac arrhythmia surgery while simultaneously being in surgical residency. With a focus on leveraging 3D printing technology, her bioengineering team aims to seek novel solutions that increase safety and efficacy in the field of arrhythmia surgery. Their collective mission is to enhance patient outcomes and push the boundaries of surgical intervention through the innovative integration of technology.

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