The four seasons: a challenge for our farmers


About the research

Winter, with its cold temperatures, is not the favourite season of our farmers. Certain plants and crops suffer greatly from the cold. But did you know that these plants themselves may well have the key to withstand the cold? In his doctorate Antoine Persyn uses good bacteria that are already present on the plants to give them a kind of vitamin treatment to help them grow better during those difficult winter months.  

Antoine Persyn
FWO - UGent - VIB

From an early age Antoine Persyn has been involved in the breeding of birds in different colours. He mastered Mendel's laws better than the mathematical tables. He also had a passion for gardening. This combination of love for genetics and horticulture led him to study biotechnology and biochemistry. In his current doctorate, he focuses on the use of bacteria to help plants grow better during the winter. This allows our farmers to extend the growing season of crops and thus produce more food in a sustainable way. 

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