Good versus evil. You are NOT free to choose! 😇 👿


About the research

If you are good, you get rewarded. If you are bad, you get punished. That's how, simply put, our justice system works. Simple right? Not really - Latif Kadri (VUB - Vrije Universiteit Brussel) believes that our ethical systems need an update. Why? ➡️ 🎥

Latif Kadri

Movies such as The Matrix and Apocalypse Now sent Latif Kadri (US) down a rabbit hole of wonder and debate as a youth. Films such as these inspired him to pick up some of the greatest philosophical works on subjects such as: Ethics, Metaphysics, and Ontology. As time progressed philosophy become his passio essendi, so to speak. His current PhD research at the VUB is driven by his dream to create a new way of thinking, with regards to ethics and metaphysics, that is as just and rational as possible. He believes such new ways of thinking could replace many of our archaic ethical systems.

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