How to find a job that suits you?


Over het onderzoek

Sending out lots of CVs is no guarantee of finding a good job. Yet much research still focuses on the quantity of job-seeking behaviour, the time and effort that job-seekers spend on their search. Jolien Stremersch (UGent) shifts the focus of her doctorate to quality of job-seeking behaviour. She wants to help jobseekers search smarter for a job, instead of harder. 

Jolien Stremersch

Jolien Stremersch is a PhD student and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Ghent University. The main topic of her PhD project is the quality of job search behavior. Her aim is to provide a more fine-grained understanding of which facet(s) of job search quality matter to find your dream job. Her background in psychology helps her to understand certain fascinating cognitive processes that are important during job search, in particular reflection. In her free time, Jolien loves to lift weights and pet dogs.

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