How oral habits shape your teeth


About the research

Have you ever tried to unlearn an old habit, such as nail biting? That is easier said than done. This is also the case with bad oral habits, such as pushing your tongue against your teeth when swallowing. This can cause problems to your teeth, such as an upset position of your teeth. At UGent, Charis Van der Straeten studies how a speech therapist can help children unlearn their bad mouth habits.


Charis Van der Straeten

In 2016, Charis Van der Straeten graduated as a speech therapist at UGent. For five years, she was allowed to welcome in her own practice children with learning problems, articulation difficulties, or deviant oral habits, and adults with speech and swallowing problems. Recently, she switched to the academic world, where she studies the interdisciplinary treatment of children with abnormal oral habits in order to be able to help them even better in the future.

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