How to prevent investors from dropping out?


As an entrepreneur it is quite a task to find investors. Fortunately, entrepreneurs can fall back on pitching events that are organised by investor networks. At these events they can present their company to a group of investors in the hope of convincing them to financially support their project. Zoë Imhof researches how entrepreneurs are most likely to attract investors and not let them slip away.

Zoë Imhof
KU Leuven - Vlerick

Communication is a self-evident feature of our daily lives. In her communication studies, Zoë Imhof learned there is a lot more to it and that communication can have huge repercussions. In her PhD research, she looks into how entrepreneurs’ communication affect their success to secure external financing from business angels. The research focuses on the interpersonal interaction between entrepreneur and investor when they meet face-to-face for the first time at pitching events.

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