How to protect your data in the cloud?


About the research

To protect your data in the cloud, you can encrypt it to make it impossible for others to see. But, if you want to edit your data, for example, put a filter on a picture, you first have to remove the encryption. Cryptographers such as Charlotte Bonte (imec - KU Leuven) are developing new techniques to keep your data safe at all times ☁ 🔒

Charlotte Bonte
imec - KU Leuven

Fond of mathematics and passionate about using it to solve contemporary problems, Charlotte Bonte enrolled in the master mathematical engineering at KU Leuven after finishing a bachelors on Mathematics. Intrigued by the emerging security and privacy concerns in the current cloud era, she started a PhD at cosic-imec, KU Leuven to improve the performance of homomorphic encryption. Homomorphic encryption enables outsourced computations on sensitive data without disclosing any information on the data. It can be applied in many present-day applications, as for example disease prediction on medical data, fraud detection for bank transactions, electronic voting and many more.

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