How to remember terrorist attacks


About the research

When a terrorist attack happens, citizens gather to commemorate and remember the victims. Often permanent memorials are created to commemorate the tragic event and its victims. But who gets to decide whether such a monument should be created and how it should look like? Ana Milosevic seeks to understand societal responses to traumatic events of our times. 

Ana Milosevic
KU Leuven

Ana Milosevic is a researcher at the LINES Institute (Leuven International and European Studies) at the KU Leuven. She is interested in collective memories, the ways we deal with the past and face our present. She is interested in understanding societal responses to traumatic events of our times, such as the terrorist attacks. Ana spends a lot of time chasing monuments around the world and runs a popular Twitter series: #TodayInMonuments. She also goes by the name of Mrs. Memory. 

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