How social entrepreneurs change the world


About the research

We all know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, but why isn't Muhammad Yunus equally well-known? As a social entrepreneur, he brought something much nobler to the world. Philippe Eiselein wants to help social entrepreneurs grow their impact in order to help them tackle social problems. 

Philippe Eiselein

The far-reaching impact that entrepreneurs have on our daily lives always captivated Philippe Eiselein. It therefore comes to no surprise that he is explicitly passionate about social entrepreneurs, who apply innovative methods to solve social problems others can’t. Philippe began his PhD journey in 2015 to research how social entrepreneurs (can) grow their impact towards social problems. Nevertheless, his involvement does not remain solely academic. As part of the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship, he coaches starting social entrepreneurs with regards to their business plans and co-organizes with the team several types of events that can help them become more visible, broaden their network, attract fundings or find new partners.

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