The impact of chemotherapy on your hearing and balance


About the research

Some 300,000 people overcame cancer in Belgium in the past decade. Great news, but there is a downside: chemotherapy can cause permanent damage to the sense of hearing and balance, leading to hearing loss, tinnitus, or balance problems. To better identify the problem, Heleen Vander Biest (UGent) will test patients' ears just before starting, during, and after chemotherapy. 

Heleen Van Der Biest

Heleen Van Der Biest, a doctoral researcher at Ghent University, was led to the master of hearing sciences by her love for language, literature and music festivals. This program offered her a new perspective on the importance of communication, inspiring her to take sign language courses. In her patient-centered research, she studies the impact of platin-based chemotherapy on the auditory- and vestibular system.

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