Kidney surgery: a race against the clock


About the research

When removing a kidney tumor, a surgeon has just 20 minutes to do the job. During the operation, the surgeon has to cut off the blood supply to the kidney to avoid a true blood bath. But if the kidney is without blood for too long, too much of it will die off, causing the kidney to malfunction. To help surgeons in that race against time, Saar Vermijs (UGent) wants to develop 3D models of the patient's kidney. This will allow surgeons to see exactly which blood vessels run to the tumor, so that they can target only those blood vessels.

Saar Vermijs
FWO - UGent

Fascinated by the synergy between engineering and health care, Saar Vermijs started to study biomedical engineering. Convinced that this constantly growing domain will lead to happier and healthier people, Saar is contributing to this goal with her research, in which she tries to find a way to make complex information clear for surgeons, patients and the interested public, which is you (hopefully)!

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