More solar power for a more sustainable future

About the research

About the  research

Our world needs sustainable, robust, and cheap ways to produce energy. But replacing fossil fuels with renewable technologies that are cheap and can provide enough energy remains a challenge. Jose Maria Cuevas (Imec - KU Leuven - Energyville) is looking at a new sort of solar cell that will be cheap and yield much more energy than conventional solar cells: the *take a breath* 3 Terminal Tandem Bifacial Solar Cell.

Say what?! Jose breaks it down and makes it crystal clear for you in this video. 

Jose Maria Cuevas
imec - KU Leuven

The pursuit of improving all the time lead Jose Maria Cuevas into science and its puzzles. Jose is happy to use what he has learned to create devices that help others in their daily lives. He studied nanotechnology in Mexico, Belgium, and France and then started a Ph.D. at KU Leuven and imec. His research focuses on improving the maximum energy we can obtain from the sun by using solar cells. Aside from science sports and dancing are constants in his life.

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