A nervous system of glass fibers will allow airplanes to feel


About the research

The next generation of airplanes will be able to feel when they suffer damage, thanks to a nervous system of glass fibers. Engineer Sidney Goossens (VUB) is developing this technology using glass fibers. This way, he wants to make airplanes safer & eco-friendlier. Watch the video to find out how he moves forth 👇

New materials
Sidney Goossens

Sidney Goossens is a young researcher, passionate about science and technology with a focus on the fundamental yet highly applicable light technology: photonics. With his research about optical fiber sensors for damage detection in aircraft materials, he hopes to contribute to a safer and more environmentally friendly aviation of the future. Sidney obtained his master's degree in photonics engineering at the VUB in 2015 and continued this adventure in a doctorate that he obtained with the highest distinction in 2021.

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