Ovarian cancer: treating ourselves with our cells!

About the research

About the research 

Every 3 minutes, a woman dies of ovarian cancer somewhere in the world. "Ovarian cancer is very sneaky. Most of the patients respond positively to the therapies initially provided to them and it appears that the cancer is gone. But eventually, the cancer comes back and is much more aggressive. As a result one in two ovarian cancer patients die within 5 years after diagnosis." But what if we were able to treat ovarian cancer with a new therapy using our cells? That's what Aarushi Caro (VUB - KU Leuven - FWO) and her colleagues are hoping to achieve.  

Aarushi Caro
KU Leuven - VUB

The contrasting simplicity and intricacy of the body’s immune system drove Aarushi Caro to study immunology. Aarushi’s Ph.D. is in collaboration between VUB and KU Leuven and focuses on understanding the dendritic cells - the patrolling cells of the immune system - in ovarian cancer. Her ultimate goal is to investigate the potential of using dendritic cells as a vaccine against this deadly disease.

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