Predicting the future with computers


Did you know that your supermarket has a 'psychic' on the payroll? Well not exactly, but they have a forecaster, someone in charge of predicting future sales so your supermarket doesn't run out of stock. A very challenging task. Luckily the forecaster can count on software for help. Shari De Baets looks at how forecasters and computers can work together to make sure their predictions are accurate and customers are served and satisfied. 

Shari De Baets
FWO - UGent - Vlerick

Shari De Baets (Vlrick - UGent) is interested in decision making. With a background in psychology and applied economics, she applies what she knows on the topic in the field of forecasting. She looks at how people make forecasts, or adjust those given to them by forecasting software, and how circumstances can be optimized to obtain the best decisions possible.

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