Training tailored to your muscles


About the research

Do you have a lot of fast or rather slow muscle fibers? You may not know, but for an athlete this is important. After all, the muscle fiber type determines how you train best to build more muscle, among other things. But there is one big problem, about 15 centimeters in size to be precise: that's how long the needle, used to remove a piece of muscle to find out someone's muscle fiber type, is. Sounds painful and it is. That's why Freek Van de Casteele (UGent - FWO) is looking for new, reliable, and painless methods to determine the muscle fiber type.

Freek Van de Casteele
FWO - UGent

Sport runs like a thread through Freek Van de Casteele's life. You can find him on the football pitch at night and in the exercise physiology lab at Ghent University during the day. There, he researches the most interesting organ of the human body: muscles. His Ph.D. aims to find the best method to estimate muscle fiber type so that athletes can train to suit their muscles.

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