What do your wisdom teeth and cancer have in common?


About the research

Fighting cancer with wisdom teeth - it almost sounds like the tooth fairy's fairy tale. And yet it is a fairy tale that could well come true. Jolien Van den Bosch (UHasselt) wants to use stem cells from wisdom teeth to develop a new therapy against cancer. One could even say she's fighting ... tooth and nail to make this happen. 

Jolien Van den Bosch

Jolien Van den Bosch is a passionate PhD student in the FIERCE Lab, specializing in cancer research with a focus on the development of targeted therapies. With a strong drive to make a meaningful impact, she obtained a Master's degree in Biochemistry, where she developed a keen interest in understanding the intricate mechanisms underlying cancer progression and therapy resistance. Inspired by this fascination, Jolien joined the FIERCE Lab to investigate the use of dental pulp stem cells in a new therapy for head and neck cancer.

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