From AC to DC: making our electricity grid future proof


About the research

Did you know that modern electrical devices such as the smartphone or electric cars are 'incompatible' with our current electricity grid? Those devices work on direct current (DC), while our electricity grid works on alternating current (AC). Therefore, you can't just plug your phone into the wall socket, you need a charger that converts one type of current (AC) to another (DC).

So aren't we better off switching to a DC power grid? It is not that simple, as it requires a completely different system and security. In her PhD, Leonie Hallemans (VITO - KU Leuven - Energyville) is researching a security system to make new DC grids as safe as our 'old' AC grid.

Leonie Hallemans
KU Leuven - VITO

Leonie Hallemans was always fascinated by figuring out how things work. Combined with a growing awareness about climate change and the desire to do something about it, she was drawn to the master Energy at the engineering faculty at KU Leuven. This was followed up by a PhD in collaboration with VITO with the aim to adapt our electricity grid to the changing energy landscape, by making it more compatible with the increasing share of renewable energy and smarter loads.

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