Fighting the southern green stink bug


About the research

We are facing a little green problem: the southern green stink bug, an insect from Ethiopia, is on the rise in our country. And that's bad news for our vegetable growers. Fortunately, Margot Geerinck (KU Leuven) is working on a solution. The protagonists: ichneumon wasps & fungi!

Margot Geerinck
KU Leuven

Out of her interest in how plants function and interact with their environment, Margot trained as a bioengineer. Her concern for the impact of intensive agriculture on the environment and climate drove her to delve further into sustainable agriculture. In 2020, her doctoral research started within the VLAIO project "NeViCON" where research is being conducted to develop a sustainable control strategy for the southern green stink bug in pepper, cucumber and aubergine cultivation.

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