How to scale up perovskite solar cells?

About the research

About the research

Sujith Reddy (UHasselt - Imec) is working on perovskites, a promising new solar cell technology that captures more sunlight and costs less than conventional solar cells. Sounds great, right! But there's a catch: these perovskite solar cells ironically tend to break down when exposed to ... light. Sujith wants to uncover the mechanisms behind this degradation in order to improve perovskites and to use them on a larger scale. 

Sujith Reddy
imec - UHasselt

Sujith Reddy is a passionate engineer with a keen interest in understanding the intricate interactions of various components within larger systems. He finds inspiration and intrigue in the effortless efficiency of nature's design. Pursuing his Ph.D. research, Sujith is dedicated to developing an innovative solar cell technology that aims to expand the accessibility of sustainable energy to more people, ultimately helping to combat climate change.


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