Liquid biopsies in cancer diagnosis


About the research

Did you know that 1 in 100 people who develop cancer are under 18 years of age? In order to check whether someone has cancer, a small operation is often still necessary in which a piece of tumour tissue is cut away from the patient to be examined in the laboratory. Ruben Van Paemel and his colleagues are working on a less radical alternative. They want to detect cancer in children in a less painful and faster way: by taking a simple blood sample.

Ruben Van Paemel
FWO - UGent

Drawing inspiration from his experiences as a young doctor, Ruben Van Paemel started a PhD with a focus on paediatric oncology - cancer research in children - as part of his education in paediatrics. He wants to understand fundamental cancer biology better in order to make the diagnosis faster and less painful for the children. With his combined medical and scientific skills he hopes to eventually improve the chances of survival of children with cancer.

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